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Therapy with Maryam


After taking intentional space from my therapy practice and reworking my relationship to myself and to the work I devote myself to, I am now welcoming new clients.

Folks I love working with include:

  • Queer muslims who are ready to put in the work to make space for all parts of themselves at the intersections of all of their identities

  • Humans who are also therapists who are looking for ways to realign themselves with the collective within and outside of and in the middle areas of the work they are devoted to, psst... also see my offering for consultation 

  • Folks who are disillusioned by this world and are starting to connect the dots between their suffering and the systems of harm we are operating within and seek accompaniment down this path

  • Folks who are in it for the collective already and need ways to expand their capacity to meet what's being asked of them

  • Folks who are interested in reconnecting to their lineages, including to the healing practices that their people have already been doing 

  • Folks who are ready to be challenged to plant the seeds and tend the soil now for a shot at more fertile growth ahead

  • Folks who are craving a gentle and firm holding as you be with what's here, together.

Over-the-Phone Sessions with Me Involve:

  • Deep listening for all that is true and allowing the wisdoms within every aspect of what's true to emerge

  • Honest reflection and connection outside of the bounds of traditional psychotherapy norms

  • Grounding in what is happening around the world, how we are all connected, how we are humans finding our way/s together

  • Reconnection to place, to land, to ancestry, to lineage.

  • Something a little different and outside of normative psychotherapy.

  • If you want to set up a consultation call to see if we might be a good fit together, I'm here for it.

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