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Consultation for Therapists

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Do you ever wonder:

  • who or what it serves to see your clients every week at the same day and time until one of you dies or until they break up with you first?

  • who it really serves that you hold all of the intimate burdens of every human on your caseload and then in order to stay sane you have to also hire one or more supervisors, one or more therapists, a massage therapist and an energy worker just to survive the week/month/year/career?

  • who it serves for you to be the best right fit for every one of your clients, and if you're not a good fit, if it's reasonable then that you do everything you can to make yourself fit?

  • who or what it serves to fit as many sessions as possible into your work day?

  • who it serves for you to center another's needs while overriding your own system?

  • how your therapy practice colludes with the myth of individualism?

  • who it serves to center the client's individual experience at the expense of a larger societal structure and context?

  • if it really is in the client's best interest that we withhold our humanness as much as possible from our sessions and maintain the stance of "I'm whatever you need me to be," and what costs there are to that?

Over-the-Phone Consultation with me:

  • Creates space for the interrogation of the paradigms of therapy we've all been taught by western institutions and allowing room for something else to emerge

  • Centers the body over everything

  • Is trauma-, attachment-, and IFS- informed 

  • Is firmly rooted in our societal context 

  • Models non-traditional frameworks for holding space

  • Unapologetically rehumanizes us as people who hold space for other people within the collective


Are you curious about what gifts you have to cultivate for the collective through your practice outside of all of the ways you have always been told are the only right ways to hold space?

Feel free to reach out to see if we could see if working together could be a good fit.  

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