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 All Things Money


All Things Money is the branch of my work that I've started as a therapist and peer working with my own relationship with wealth, class, and money. This particular offering is for social justice-oriented folks with access to generational wealth who want to tend to their relationships with money.

I come to this work with the knowing of a special kind of pain that can come with inherited wealth, alongside a deep desire to do right by myself, within my lineage, in relationship with my beloveds and with the collective. As someone who is actively engaged in nurturing my relationship with money, how it shows up within my family system, and in the relationships I care about the most, I realize my ideologies around sharing, around moving money, around heart-centered redistribution and repair are often at odds with how I have been and continue to be conditioned to be "smart," to save/hoard, and to not depend on anyone.

The more I talk about money, the more I contend with how much shame and secrecy is hidden in the crevices of our psyches that keeps real money conversations off the table and unreckoned. I also have noticed that for me, money work carries an ancestral burden that has traveled through my lineage, just waiting to be tended to, and has felt sweetest when tended to together.

The more I engage in this work, I am settling into a belief that healing and transformation doesn't come from following a binary that either says we must overpower our bodies for the sake of doing what's "right" or go with the flow of doing what we've always done. As someone trained to tend to what's emerging in our bodies, I hold space for the nuance, for the in-between, for finding our edges, and meeting ourselves there with compassion and grace and breath.

If you, as a person with access to generational wealth, choose to work with me, you'll be asked to tend to parts of yourself that may have nearly otherwise been left behind. You'll be invited into experiments that challenge and surprise you. You'll come face to face with what perhaps hasn't been reckoned with before.

If this work interests you, you can read more about it here, or you can email me for a consultation.

Individual work is 12 sessions over the phone and admissions are rolling.

At this time, I am just offering individual work, but if you're someone who does groups and want to collaborate on this kind of thing, let me know. Groups are where it's at!

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